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Windshield Repair

automobile windshield glass repair service. Car glass or chip crack repairing

Do you have a chip or a small crack on your windshield? Did you know that you don't have to get your windshield replaced most of the time and that you can get it repaired instead? Clear Auto Glass windshield repairs at affordable rates. Call us today for your windshield repair!

When can a windshield repair be done?

Clear Auto Glass can typically handle the repair of your windshield when the crack or chip is a couple inches and even smaller. If you have less than three chips, we will repair them. Sadly if there are more than three chips, we recommend that a windshield replacement be done. We also do offer windshield replacement services. A windshield can be repaired if the chip or crack is not in front of a sensor or camera. We will always inspect your glass thoroughly to ensure that you don't have more chips that have gone unnoticed. We also carry out inspections to ensure that you get the correct service for your windshield.

Why repair chips or small cracks?

When you notice a small crack or chips on your windshield, you should act quickly to avoid the crack or chip from spreading. When a chip or crack spreads on your windshield, then you will need to get the windshield replaced. Chip repairs are affordable and will save you money in the long run. Also, chip repairs on a windshield are a quick process, meaning that you won't spend hours waiting for the windshield repairs to be done.

Why use our windshield repair service

Clear Auto Glass is the best car glass company in Fresno, CA and we always offer our clients top-class services. Our auto glass experts are professionals and know how to repair chips and cracks on any vehicle’s glass. Our teams are reliable; therefore if they come out to you to repair your windshield they will arrive on time. They are also honest and will always tell you if they find more chips or cracks that you may not have noticed. They will also tell you if they think a windshield replacement is required instead of repairs. Our prices are also affordable, and we are sure that you will find our windscreen repair service to be of a high standard and also worthwhile. We will always quote you before we start any repairs on your windscreen so that you can consider your options.

How is a windscreen repaired?

The goal of windshield repairs is to stop the cracks or chips from spreading, so it is done to save your windshield. Clear Auto Glass will first inspect your windshield and also make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly so that we can have a clear view of all the chips or cracks. Then we remove any broken glass, water, and dust from the crack or chip. We then create a vacuum in the area of the chip or crack and inject a resin into this void, which seals the glass of the windshield. Once the resin is dry, we polish away any excess resin. When this is all done, you will have a hard time finding where that crack or chip was!

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