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Safety Systems Recalibration

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Newer vehicles have a forward-facing camera that is connected to the windshield; this camera one component of your vehicle's advanced safety systems. These systems are also known as advanced driver assistance safety systems (ADAS). The main reason for these systems is designed to keep you, your passengers and your vehicle safe on the road at all times.

Why would I need safety systems recalibration?

Usually, when you need your windshield replaced, most vehicle manufactures require that the camera connected to your windshield be recalibrated, this is so that the safety systems work correctly. Clear Auto Glass will be able to complete the safety system recalibration at the same time as your windshield replacement.

Types of safety recalibration

There are two types of safety recalibration, and in this section, we will take a look at them. The first one is called dynamic recalibration; this requires that we drive the vehicle on well-marked roads at a set speed to recalibrate the camera system. This safety recalibration is done by a qualified technician who is also in possession of a valid driving permit. The dynamic recalibration will take just over an hour to complete. The next safety recalibration is called static recalibration: this requires a specific target that is mounted on a fixture in front of your vehicle during the recalibration process. This recalibration will also take an hour or more to complete. The times are just estimates and will depend on the make and the model of your vehicle.

Our service

Your vehicle's safety system is important, and therefore you need a trusted professional with recalibration knowledge to ensure your advanced safety features are functioning perfectly. When you call Clear Auto Glass and schedule your safety recalibration service, we will first assess if your systems need recalibrating. We will then quote you. Once you have approved our quotes; which are always reasonable, we will schedule an appointment. During this appointment, one of our trained technicians will complete the recalibration that is required by the vehicle's manufacturer. Some of these manufactures will require that both types of recalibrations are carried out on your vehicle. When you schedule your appointment, we will be able to tell you which recalibration will be carried out, or if you will need both. Our skilled technicians will always carry out these safety recalibrations efficiently. We always ensure that our technicians have valid driving permits. We guarantee you that we will look after your vehicle

Must safety system recalibrations be done?

Clear Auto Glass recommends that safety system recalibrations be done as soon as you have replaced your windshield. Having your safety systems recalibrated means that you and your vehicle are safe at all times. The camera and sensors on your vehicle need to be at the right angles because if they are just slightly out, it can mean the difference between a vehicle accident or not. Your safety, as well as that of your passengers, is always important and safety system recalibrations will mean that you are safe.

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