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Side & Rear Window Replacement

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Clear Auto Glass always pays careful attention to all of your vehicle's auto glass, this will include replacement and installation of your damaged car windows. We use quality auto glass to replace your side and rear window and our well-trained technicians provide excellent results.

Side window replacement

A broken side window exposes you and your passengers to the weather elements and also you are at more risk of theft if your window is left broken. You also won't be able to park and leave your car unattended. By calling Clear Auto Glass to replace your side window you are guaranteed to get your vehicle back on the road faster.  When you call us, you can expect the following from us; our trained technicians will first inspect the damage carefully and give you a quote. If you agree to the quote, we will remove your vehicle's door panel to get to the remaining glass which we will remove. Our fitters will install new glass. Your new window is tested to make sure that it is working correctly. We then replace the door panel and vacuum all the broken glass from your vehicle. We will also clean all of the windows on your vehicle.

Rear window replacement

A rear window is just as important as the front windshield, and when there is too much damage it is time to replace it. A rear window that has cracks and damage can reduce your visibility considerably, meaning that you can either cause an accident or not be able to react quick enough to avoid an accident. When you call Clear Auto Glass, you will be ensuring that you and your passengers have a safe journey. We will follow a few steps when replacing a rear window. We will inspect the damage and then quote you. If you approve of the quote we will then remove the damaged rear window, clean up any broken glass, and install the brand new rear window.  Our technicians will also make sure that any defrost capabilities are functional on your rear window. As an extra free service, we clean all of the glass on your vehicle.

Why us?

Clear Auto Glass offers affordable services to all of our clients, but we also offer services that are done by technicians who are qualified to handle the glass on your vehicles. When a service that you require is done by us, you can be sure that it was done by professionals, who always put your safety first. All of our replacement installations are inspected to make sure that quality requirements are met.


As we mentioned above, we always give our clients a quote before we commence with any work on your vehicle. Prices do differ depending on what make and model your car is. Auto glass on new vehicles tends to be slightly more expensive than your older models. This price difference is because newer models have newer extras, such as electric windows, cameras, and defrosting capabilities of your rear window in winter. Clear Auto Glass does however keep our fitment rates as low as possible.

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