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Clear Auto Glass

Windshield Repair Fresno

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Are you looking to have your windshield repaired or replaced? Do you need side and rear window replacements, or your safety systems recalibrated? Clear Auto Glass does all of these and so much more. Keep reading to find out more about us.

About Us

We have been in the auto glass business for many years and with our skilled and qualified technicians, we offer our clients the best auto glass service. Our team is dedicated to every job that we receive and outstanding customer service will always remain a top priority to us.

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    Our Services

    Clear Auto Glass has a range of auto glass services that we offer to our clients. Each service is done professionally and efficiently by our qualified technicians.  Our teams are dedicated to outstanding customer service that will leave you feeling satisfied and impressed with us.  Below is a list of our auto glass services, with a brief description so that you can decide which service you require.

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    Windshield Repair

    We offer windshield repairs for windshields that have been slightly damaged. This includes small chips or cracks, our technicians will carry out repairs to your windshield so that you don't have to replace it.

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    Windshield Replacement

    Unfortunately, some windshields are too damaged and are way beyond repair; these windshields have to be replaced. We offer windshield replacements, and we use only top-quality American auto glass to do the replacements. Call us today for any windshield replacements.

    “On my way to work one more, a stone hit my windshield at first I did not see any damage to my windshield. Later on, during the day I went to take a look at my windshield. I saw two small chips on it. I felt anxious because I thought I would need to replace my windshield. Luckily, a colleague reassured me that the chips on my windshield could be repaired and gave me the contact numbers for Clear Auto Glass. I immediately called them. They also reassured me that the two small chips could easily be repaired and scheduled an appointment with me for the next morning. One of the best parts is that they would send their mobile unit to me! I was so impressed by this. The next morning the technicians arrived on time, inspected my windshield, and gave me a quote. Their rates were so affordable.  Shortly afterward they came to get me to inspect my windshield. The chips were repaired and my windshield was so clean! This is a company that I will always use for my auto glass."- Jane K

    a broken car windshield
    Mobile Auto Glass Repair & Installation

    Clear  Auto Glass understands that your daily life can get busy and that you may not have time to come to us for repairs or installations for your vehicle and that is why we offer a mobile auto glass repair and installation service. We will come out to you wherever you are in Fresno, CA. Just call us today to schedule your appointment with our mobile unit.

    a broken car window
    Side & Rear Window Replacement

    Side and rear windows on your vehicle are just as important as your windshield. They keep you and your passengers safe while also allowing you to have a clear view all around your car while you are driving.  We offer repairs and replacements of side and rear windows.

    "One morning on the way to school, my son opened the rear side window of my vehicle, but when he tried closing it again it would not go up. At school, I tried and it still would not go up. I immediately knew that I would have to get it looked at. I went online and started looking for a glass company that repairs power windows. I came across Clear Auto Glass and gave them a call. Because I was so close to them, they said I could come in right away. The skilled technicians inspected the window; they then quoted me on a new switch for my window. The price was reasonable and I allowed them to replace the switch. They repaired my window in less than an hour. Thank you for the prompt and friendly service that I received. '- Mandy P

    Criminal incident. Hacking a car. Broken driver's side window of car. Thieves smashed window of car with fragments inside, glass was scattered throughout. Crime - broken window and theft belongings
    Power Window Repair

    Most new cars have side windows that are powered by motors, but sometimes these can stop working, get stuck or their switches can become faulty. So, if your window has stopped working call us today, our services are all done by professionals and all at affordable rates.

    man using a device to fix a car
    Safety Systems Recalibration

    When windshields are replaced, the safety system needs to be recalibrated.  The safety system on your vehicle keeps you and your vehicle safe and if they are not functioning properly they can cause some problems. Our qualified technicians know how to recalibrate all types of safety systems according to the vehicles manufacturing requirements. We offer this service at affordable prices.

    "One night after work, while I was driving home something hit my windshield. I did not stop and see what it was but I was sure that my windshield was badly damaged. When I got home I saw that I was going to need a replacement windshield. The next day I called Clear Auto Glass, they asked me for the make and model of my vehicle. They also assured me that they had a stock of the windshield that I required and quoted me. They also sent out their mobile auto glass repair and installation unit to my home. On arrival, they carried out the replacement in such a professional and efficient manner which impressed me. Clear Auto Glass is a business that I will recommend to everyone! Thank you!”- Peter A

    Call Us Today

    Our contact details are on our user-friendly website, and we cannot wait to hear from you today to hear how we can assist you with your auto glass requirement. There are a few other ways to also contacts such as social media and email. Our friendly team is always friendly and is always willing to help you.